University Policy

Servant Leadership

Faculty and staff treat students with respect and concern.
Seigakuin is a university that pursues truth and works to improve the quality of education.

Imitating Jesus, who washed the disciples' feet and personally served others, our students, faculty and staff join in the pursuit of truth and of service to others, becoming good citizens and taking responsibility in society - this is Seigakuin University.

The Principles and Ideals of Seigakuin University

Principle No.1
Seigakuin is a community based on a culture of academic research and education, whose members are dedicated to the pursuit of truth in the atmosphere of liberty and piety originating in the spirit of Protestant Christianity, and who endeavor to develop the whole person with spiritual maturity and thus to contribute to the progress of human society and the world.

Principle No.2
The University considers worship to be the source of its community life. In worship the Gospel, as witnessed to by the Bible and the Reformation, is proclaimed, and out of worship come the freedom and responsibility for research and education that are vital to the university community. In addition, it is through worship that the community acquires the missionary spirit, receives and passes on the traditions of our university, and experiences the joy and enthusiasm of creativity.

Principle No.3
Protestant Christianity has made a unique contribution, particularly to the formation and development of the modern world. Accordingly, it also has a special responsibility in relation to modern society. The University, by means of serious academic research, relevant education and emphasis on spiritual concerns, endeavors to carry out this responsibility of Protestant Christianity--a global and historical task in relation to modern culture--in all of its activities and structures, thereby contributing to the formation of a world full of hope.

Principle No.4
The University acknowledges its indebtedness to the Protestant Christian tradition in Japan and its achievements in the realms of faith, culture and education, while at the same time humbly learning from its hardships and suffering. The University aspires to make new progress in the realms of faith, cultural and educational activities, and to establish a new standard for Japanese society. With this in mind, the University cultivates cooperation with Protestant churches that are faithful to the Gospel, and maintains a close cooperative relationship with Tokyo Union Theological Seminary which Seigakuin Bible College merged with in years past. It also establishes relationships of mutual cooperation with domestic and overseas Protestant colleges and universities.

Principle No.5
The University offers opportunities to do research on issues of modern culture and Christianity. It is hoped that as an open university and in the spirit of Protestant Christianity, problems of this age of internationalization and turbulent societies, as well as local and regional problems, will be taken up decisively, and that creative action will make full use of Christian and cultural distinctive characteristics.

Principle No.6
The University is integrated with the other Seigakuin Schools both spiritually and financially. Furthermore, the University respects the other schools' positions and challenges in educational matters, maintaining close connections and cooperative relationships. The University is responsible for the post-secondary education of the Seigakuin Schools' kindergarten-through-graduate school educational system.

Principle No.7
In order to realize the above-mentioned ideals, all University faculty and staff are expected to respect the personality of others, and to take initiative, actively fulfilling the appropriate responsibility of their positions with Christian love, humility and enthusiasm, in cooperation with one another.

Principle No.8
While faculty members are expected to have reverence for the liberty and truth found in the Gospel, to make diligent efforts in academic research, and to actively respond to the issues of the day through that research and education, they are also to nurture the coming generation of students intellectually, practically and spiritually, and to endeavor to establish and take as theirs own inheritance the University's spirit, academic discipline, traditions and the responsibility for creating new traditions.

Principle No.9
Students are expected to mature not only intellectually and practically but also spiritually. They are to master their academic specialities, to grapple with title issues of modern society, to acquire the education and good judgment necessary to shoulder the responsibilities of tomorrow's society, and to form a well-rounded and unique personality.

Principle No.10
Based on the above-mentioned ideals and principles, the University will not tolerate control or interference from any kind of organization or ideology, nor will it tolerate any destruction or obstruction by individual or collective violence.

The Seigakuin Declaration on Education

Seigakuin's Educational Principle
Based on the conviction that each individual is given by God, Seigakuin will provide education that assists in the development and maturation of individual personality by building on the talents given to each person. Seigakuinfs educational principle is not defined as education with the goal of an individual becoming number one but education with the goal of becoming one who lives for others. Development of individual personality necessitates a new human community created through education that helps a person become one fully dedicated to others.

Personal Renewal
The faculty and staff at Seigakuin will consistently strive to be renewed, accepting educational responsibility in the spirit of Servant Leadership as shown by Jesus Christ, who said He Himself did not come to be served, but to serve.