Messeage from the President

Messeage from the President

President KOIKE Shigeko
President KOIKE Shigeko

Let’s share the joy of learning and start a new growing

In the 120 years since its foundation, Seigakuin has developed broad schools that contain kindergarten to graduate school. In this history, regardless of the experience of war and disaster, what Seigakuin has protected carefully is the educational philosophy based on the spirit of Protestantism. Raising the school motto “Love God and Serve His People” and sharing the tagline “Love and nurture one person” among the faculties and staffs is because there is an unwavering belief in valuing people above all else that underlies the founding spirit. In the era that is inclined to measure the value of people by economic efficiency and rationality, the value of Seigakuin become more and more increase.
Through learning in this university, students would examine the way of how to live and how this modern society should be. I have seen many students who grew up academically and humanely through interactions with faculties and their friends in the environment of small-class education. To enhance this kind of educational effect, we introduced an educational system that visualizes the process of study, achievement, and assumption of experience of each student to help them to go forward to new learning by reviewing their achievements of study and growth.
Furthermore, we opened the students-encourage center named “Philia”. “Philia” is a one-stop window that receives student’s consultations and worries and encourages students to spend fulfilling university life. At this window, professional staff would answer student’s consultations.
Although the primary role of learning in the university is student, the faculties and staffs of the university would provide the chance of growing according to their interests and individualities, and if needed, support with educational considerations.
Education at our university is watching over the “now” and guiding the “future”. I would like you to start your new learning and student life at Seigakuin University.

Profile of the President

Born in 1962

  • Positions in the University
    President of Seigakuin University

    A professor at Seigakuin University since 2014, after working as a Vice President of Seigakuin University and a Dean of Faculty of Humanities, Ms.Koike is in her current position.

  • Education
    1987 M.A. Aoyama Gakuin University
    1993 Withdrawal from the Doctoral Program of Graduate School of Education of Aoyama Gakuin University with Completion of Course Requirements
  • Off-campus positions, etc.
    A councilor of The Japan Association of Lifelong Education
  • Field of Specialty
    Lifelong learning