Seigakuin Schools

Seigakuin education, from kindergarten through graduate school, is founded on Christian teaching. Based on the conviction that human beings have been given the gift of life by God, regarding each student as "the only one," treating the spirit and personality of each person with respect and care: this promotes their growth and maturation.

Seigakuin Junior & Senior High School

Education that starts with trust and respect between students and teachers.
The individuality of each student is developed through club activities and experiential education.
We have developed an enriched English language education program. English education and Seigakuin are interrelated.

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Joshi Seigakuin Junior & Senior High School

"Love God and Serve His People" is the motto of Seigakuin Schools. We nurture wholesome and outgoing young women. We aim to develop their intelligence and sense of responsibility so that they will be of service to society.

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Seigakuin Primary School

The motto of our primary school is "Study Well, Play Hard, and Pray Earnestly." We hope to nurture children who will live with others and for others. From the very beginning of our school we have researched and implemented many innovations in educational curricula, including English education.

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Seigakuin Kindergarten

Seigakuin is one of the oldest historical kindergartens in Kita-ku.The tradition of "Playing Hard and Praying Earnestly" has characterized our kindergarten. In addition to the usual kindergarten activities, there are English and handbell lessons, as well as other music instruction.

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Seigakuin Midori Kindergarten

At worship children listen to the Word of God and pray; in a playground with many trees and natural plants the children play freely, and they develop the strength to live well. There is also English time with a native speaker of English.

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