Seigakuin University Japanese Speech Contest

The sixth Seigakuin University Japanese Speech Contest was held on Wednesday, November 26th at Seigakuin University . Eight students representing three countries gave their excellent speeches on “My Cross-Cultural Experience”. The prize winners and their speech titles are as follows:

<< President's Prize >>

Mr. Kharel Tika Ram, Nepal,
"Cultural differences between Nepal and Japan ”

Mr. Kharel Tika Ram, Nepal

<< Head of the International Division's Prize >>

Ms. Lin Xiuying, China ,
"The Japanese Youth"

Ms. Lin Xiuying, China

<< Head of the Japanese Language Education Division's Prize >>

Mr. Liu Zhiguang , China ,
"OYAJI -My Japanese Dad-"

Mr. Liu Zhiguang , China

<< Award for Effort >>

Mr. Yang Ming, China ,
"My Cross-Cultural Experience"

Ms. Zhang Xin , China ,
"The Culture Gap"

Ms. Ma Lu San, Myanmar,
“The Taste of Life I found in Japan”

Ms. Wang Fenglei, China,
"Custom and Culture Differences between Japan and China"

Mr. Lama Chhewang Jangbu, Nepal,
"The Japanese Culture which brought happiness to my friend."


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