English Speech Contest 2008

Seigakuin University English Speech Contest 2008 was held and 50 students from 26 high schools applied as entrants. After being screened by the faculties, 10 entries were in the final contest at Seigakuin University Chapel on November 22nd. The prize winners and their speech titles are as follows:

<< The Highest Award >>

Ms. OSAWA, Yuka (Senior High School attached to Chuo University)
"What We Should Expect From Education "

<< The Excellent Award >>

Ms. UCHIDA, Yuka (Fudooka High School)
"Level 5 "

<< The Special Award >>

Ms. SUGIYAMA, Yuria (Asuka Senior High School)
"Isolation?...Communication! "

<< The Encouragement Award>>

Ms. AKO, Chika (Ikeda Senior High School attached to Osaka Kyoiku University)
"Feel The Breeze"

Mr. HYODO, Daishi (Kawagoe High School)
"Japan's Politics"

Mr. LEE, Chi (Kanto International Senior High School)
"An Invisible Catastrophe"

Mr. NISHIYAMA, Ryota (Soka Minami High School)
"Meaningful Experience"

Ms. OKUHARA, Kurumi (Joshi Seigakuin High School)
"The World Heritages"

Ms. SHI, Seigyoku (Inagakuen Comprehensive Upper Secondary School)
"Overcoming Prejudice"

Ms. TAKEUCHI, Chihiro (Yokohama Hayato High School)
"Eighty-Six Thousand Four Hundred Seconds"

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