Seigakin University’s 20th Anniversary Special Lecture Series (Part 2)

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Seigakuin University celebrates the 20th Anniversary of the foundation and had the Special Lecture Series from October to December 2008.

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Living, eating and bringing up

KAGAWA, Yoshiko

President of Kagawa Institute of Nutrition

November 1, 2008
Number of attendants: 80

Why we need hospices?

HINOHARA, Shigeaki

President of St. Luke’s International Hospital

November 3, 2008
Number of attendants: 900

Gazing at the death penalty system


The bureau chief of Amnesty International Japan

AKUDO, Mitsuharu

President of Seigakuin University

November 12, 2008
Number of attendants: 140

For peace - What we can do with music



November 12, 2008
Number of attendants: 193

Poverty in modern society – Makoto Yuasa discussing with university students

YUASA, Makoto

The bureau chief of Independence Support Center “Moyai”

November 19, 2008
Number of attendants: 235






What is America? – Considering from the context of American history-

OKUDAIRA, Yasuhiro

The emeritus professor of Tokyo University

KANG, Sang Jung

Professor of Tokyo University Graduate School of Interdisciplinary Information Studies

November 26, 2008
Number of attendants: 376

Japan facing the time of social revolution

KATO, Koichi

The member of the House of Representatives
The guest professor of Seigakuin University General Research Institute

December 3, 2008
Number of attendants: 159






Christmas Violin Concert

TEMMA, Atsuko

December 5, 2008
Number of attendants: 850



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