Political Science & Economics is approached from international, managerial and theoretical viewpoints, and is based on human life and thought. A comprehensive view of Political Science and Economics gives students the tools to understand the essential structure of society and the world.

Foundational Courses

Christian Social Ethics
Career Design
Environmental Studies

Political Science

Civilization & Environment
History of International Politics
Studies of Public Policy
Administration Studies
Theory of International Area Development
Theory of Modern Politics
Political Process Studies
Studies of Environmental Safeguard
Area Studies ( Asia, USA, Europe, Russia & Eastern Europe )
NPO/NGO Studies ( International Assistance )
History of Japanese Politics
History of Japanese Political Thought
Studies of Japanese Politics
Studies of International Politics
Studies of International Organization
Political Philosophy
Comparative Politics
Peace Studies
Geography of Urbanization


European Union Law
Constitutional Law ( Human Rights )
Constitutional Law ( Government )
International Human Rights / Humanitarian Law
History of Law Thought
Environmental Law
Civil Law
Advanced Studies of Law (Gender and Law)
Administrative law
International Law
Hisrory of Legal Thought
Philosophy of Law


Financial Studies
Studies of Financial Market
Studies of Public Finance
Community Economics
Economic Policy
Studies of International Economics
Studies of Social Economics
Studies of Social Security
Studies of Local Economics
Studies of Public Assistance
Macro Economics
Micro Economics
Studies of Japanese Economics
Studies of Labor Economy
Operations Manegement
History of Economics

Management Studies

Introduction to Taxation Business and Accounting
Management Science
Management Information
The scene of International Business
History of Business Management
Studies of Organizational Behavior
Business Ethics
Management System


Sociology of Identity
Studies of Social Investigation
Practical Side of Social Investigation
Gender Studies
Intercultural Communications
Family Sociology
Social Thought
Studies of Modern Society
Cultural Sociology
Theoretical Sociology


Students will experience a two-week business-training program in a company or local government office.

Opportunities upon Graduation

National/local civil service, the trading industry, the distribution industry, high school/junior high school teaching, graduate school studies, study abroad

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