This department, through the four pillars of "welfare", "psychology", "the environment and human beings", and "life and health", has the goal of studying the actual person and of nurturing persons who have the spirit of welfare and strive to improve the welfare of society. The department strives to develop persons who not only have professional knowledge but who also exhibit the spirit of welfare.

Foundational Courses

Introduction to Human Welfare
Introduction to Social Welfare
Christian Humanities
Theory of Bioethics
Introduction to Medical Science
Social Research Method
Family Sociology
Regional Community Studies
Volunteer Studies
NPO/NGO Studies
Medical English

Life and Environment Studies

Introduction to Hygiene
Environmental Hygienic Studies
Public Health Studies
Introduction to Environmental Safeguards
History of Medical Science
Human Genetics
Welfare Environmental Studies
Studies of Welfare Housing Environment
Medical Nutrition Science
Health Education
Elderly Medical Science
Introduction to Recreation
Introduction to Rehabilitation
Mental Illness Rehabilitation

Clinical Psychology and Sociological Studies

Developmental Psychology
Educational Psychology
Social Psychology
Community Psychology
Criminal Psychology
Abnormal Psychology
Research Method of Psychology
Clinical Psychology
Counseling Studies
Studies of Mental Health
Theory of Human Relations

Social Welfare Studies

Social Welfare Assistant Technology
Social Security
Child Welfare
Welfare for Elderly
Welfare for the Specially Challenged People
Studies of Social Aid
Studies of Regional Welfare
Studies of Mental Health Welfare
Theory of Social Work
Facilities Management Studies
Introduction to Nursing for Elderly
Training of Social Welfare Assistance

Opportunities upon Graduation

Welfare administration, welfare institutions, hospitals, NPOs, school administration, the housing industry, graduate school studies

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