Child study classes cover a wide range of subjects such as culture, psychology, childhood education and child welfare. The aim is not only to train nursery school and kindergarten teachers, but also to study children comprehensively and develop the strength of character to work together in partnership with children.

Foundational Courses

Christian Humanities
Introduction to Child Studies

Child Culture Studies

Introduction to Child Culture
Introduction to Picture Books Culture
European-American Childrenfs Literature
Theory of Fantasy
Children & Culture

Psychological Studies

Child Psychology
Educational Psychology
Developmental Psychology
Adolescent Psychology
Therapy Studies

Educational Studies

Child Education
Theory of Christian Education
Educational Sociology
History of Japanese Education
Introduction to Social Education
Educational Method

Welfare and Education Studies

Social Welfare
Practical Training of Social Welfare Assistance
Child Welfare
Principles of Childcare
Childcare for Specially Challenged Children
Nursing for Babies
Contents of Nursing
Child Health
Mental Health
Family Support Studies
Child Dietetics
Childrenfs Eating Habit
Regional Welfare Studies
Child Counseling
Studies of Regional Child Care Support
First Aid Guiding Studies

Toy Instructor Training Program

This program is to train specialists in producing handcrafted toys. Students can obtain a gToy Instructorh license that is certified by the Japan Good Toy Committee (NPO).

Opportunities upon Graduation

Kindergarten teaching, nursery school teaching, graduate school studies

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