Students study and have personal experience of Japanese history, thought, religion, art, etc., in order to understand Japanese culture as one's own inheritance and source of being. By becoming aware of the source of one's personality, students can deepen their understanding of international society and different cultures.

Foundational Courses

Christian Culture Studies
Life Design for Good Living
Japanese Expression Methods
Introduction to Japanese Linguistics
Introduction to Japanese Literature
Japanese History
Introduction to Japanese Language Education
Reading Comprehension of Japanese Classical Literature
Reading Comprehension of Modern Literature
Introduction to Japanese Thought
Introduction to Japanese Culture
History of Japanese Culture
Correlated Culture
Introduction to Comparative Culture
Classical Literature for Teaching
Modern Japanese Literature for Teaching

Cultural Studies and Comparative Culture Studies

Japanese Drama ( from the medieval period to modern times )
Drama & Expression
Japanese Art
Japanese Music
Japanese Folklore
Japanese Pop Culture
Image & Culture
Japanese Calligraphy
Intercultural Communication
Comparative Literature
Cultural Anthropology
Study Abroad Program in Asia
Study Abroad Program in Europe and the USA
Language & Society
Chinese Literature
Chinese Thought
History of Cultural Exchange ( Europe, Asia & Japan )
Korean Culture Seminar
Multicultural Symbiosis Seminar
Culture & Globalization
Cultural Exchange Studies (East Asia)
Japanese Situation (Culture)
Special Lecture of Japanese Culture
Special Lecture of Comparative Culture
Intercultural Communication between Japan & the U.S.A.
Intercultural Communication between Japan & Europe
Poetry as a Popular Art
Special Lecture Series

Literary Studies and Linguistics Studies

History of Japanese Literature ( from ancient to modern times )
Research and Criticism of Japanese Literature ( classical and modern )
Children's Literature
Introduction to Linguistics
Contrastive Linguistics
Linguistic Culture Studies
Comparative Linguistics
Classical Japanese
Chinese Literature
Japanese Expression Methods ( debate )
Japanese Linguistics ( grammar, phonetics, phonemics )
Linguistic Life
Korean Communication
Chinese Communication
Japanese Teaching Methods
Language and Society
Special Lecture of Japanese Literature
Special Lecture of Linguistics
Language and Society
Theory of Language and Culture
Japanese Literature

History and Ideological Studies

Japanese History ( from ancient to modern times)
Japanese Christian History
Japanese Thought ( Shinto, Confucianism, Buddhism and Christianity)
Women's Study
History & Culture
History & Society
History of Cultural Exchange ( Asia and Japan) History of Cultural Exchange ( Europe, America and Japan) Christianity in Japanese Literature
Comparative Religion
Women's Studies
The Times and Children
Children and Culture
Region and Culture
Chinese Thought
Special Lecture of Japanese History
Special Lecture of Japanese Thought
Japanese History

Applied Studies

Publishing & Editing
Traditional Crafts
Traditional Performance Art
Literature ( Creation )
Planning & Producing
Broadcasting Culture
Physical Expressions
Tourring Japanese Culture

Traditional Performing Arts ( KYOGEN )

Students will learn to appreciate the KYOGEN, analyze its script, and learn the basics of the performing arts.

Opportunities upon Graduation

The trading, finance, and distribution industries; publishing, tourism, international organizations, cultural exchange organizations, YMCA/YWCA, high school/junior high school teaching, Japanese language teaching

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