The goal is for students to become familiar with and understand the cultural foundation of European-American life, culture and history, mastering the necessary knowledge and information to be able to contribute positively to international society.

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Foundational Courses

Introduction to Christian Culture
Introduction to European-American Culture
Basic Knowledge of European-American Culture for International Students
Introduction to European-American Understanding for International Students
Introduction to Japanese Culture for International Students
Introduction to Japanese Society for International Students
Japanese Language Study and Training for International Students

Philosophy and Thought

Ethics in the Global Era
History of Western Thought
Modern European Thought
European Humanities
Comparative Culture
Intercultural Communication between Japan & the U.S.A.
Intercultural Communication between Japan & Europe
American Thought
Introduction to International Volunteer


Western History
Introduction to History
History of Ancient Mediterranean Civilization
Modern European Living Conditions
European History
American History

Modern Italian Society and Culture
Japanese History


Christian History
Christianity and Modern Society
Christian Cultural Exchange


European-American Literature
History of European Literature
Introduction to European-American Literature
French Literature
British-American Literature
Comparative Literature
European-American Childrenfs Literature
Introduction to Fantasy
Japanese Litrature

Culture and Art

The Science of Religion
History of Western Art & Design
Western Music
Intercultural Communication
Intercultural Understanding
Introduction to Mass Communication
German Culture
French Culture
British Culture
American Culture
Jewish Culture
Islamic Culture
Pop Culture
Image & Culture
European-American Child Culture
European-American Family Culture
Tourist Geography


Modern English Grammar
English Phonetics
Introduction to English Linguistics
Introduction to Linguistics
Language and Society
Speech & Debate
Language & Society
Language Acquisition Theory
English Grammer for Teaching
English Teaching Methods for Children

Advanced Language Courses

Studying Culture and English through Cinema
Studying Culture and English through Music
Basic English for Business
Internet English
Living & Studying Abr
Academic Listening & Speaking
College Reading skills
College Writing skills
Communication in German
Communication in French
Touring Japanese Culture

Related Studies

Distribution, Sales & Management Studies
Intercultural Communication ( Management )
Report Making Methods
Special Lecture Series
Training Abroad

Opportunities upon Graduation

National/local civil service, the trading industry, the distribution industry, high school/junior high school teaching, graduate school studies, study abroad

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