Seigakuin has exchange agreements with eleven overseas universities, and carries out a vigorous program of exchange with other universities and institutions. Seigakuin University attracts a significant number of students from overseas. In addition, Seigakuin University has an active program of scholarly cooperation and exchange, inviting scholars from universities like Oxford, Cambridge, and Princeton, as well as from well-known universities in East Asia, and sponsoring symposia on subjects such as gDemocracy,h gGlobalization,h etc.


Lynchburg College
Lynchburg. Virginia USA
Agreement first signed in 1968


Oglethorpe University
Atlanta, Georgia USA
Agreement signed in 1989

Bethany College
Bethany. West Virginia. USA
Agreement signed in 1995


Hallym University Graduate School of International Studies
Chunchon City, Korea
Agreement signed in 2003
(Between Hallym and Seigakuin Graduate School)

Keimyung University
Daegu City, Korea
Agreement signed in 2003


Sungkyul University
Anyang Ciry, Korea
Agreement signed in 2004


Hoseo University
Chungnam City, Korea
Agreement signed in 2004


LaGrange College
LaGrange, Georgia USA
Agreement signed in 2005

Hope College
Holland, Michigan USA
Agreement signed in 2008



Presbyterian College and
Theological Seminary

Seoul, Korea
Agreement signed in 2008



University Transilvania of Brasov
Brasov, Romania
Agreement signed in 2006


SEA (Seigakuin Experience Abroad) --Approved Institutions

These universities and institutions have been recognized by the Seigakuin University faculty as providing suitable programs for the Seigakuin International Centerfs SEA (Seigakuin Experience Abroad) programs. The Seigakuin International Center provides various SEA study abroad programs for the University students.
U.C.L.A. - American Language Center
Los Angels, California USA
Seattle Pacific University
Seattle, Washington USA
*Under the auspices of A.C.E. iAssociates in Cultural Exchange), based in Seattle, Washington
Montana State University
Bozeman, Montana USA
The Flinders University of South Australia
Adelaide, Australia
*IELI (Intensive English Language Institute)
Deakin University English Language Institute
Melbourne, Australia
Victorian Business College
Melbourne, Australia
University of Surrey Roehampton, London
London, UK
Oxford Brookes University
Oxford, UK
University of Victoria
Victoria, British Columbia, Canada
Victoria University of Wellington
Wellington, New Zealand

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